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So happy to finish runner up of the World Juniors in Brasil this year! Amazing week with my coach Yann Martin. Difficult conditions, a lot of onshore winds but some waves!! Would have loved to win this thing.... Congrats to Gabriel Medina, amazing surfing!
This was my last year in the juniors.  Here the link for all the results and photos/videos of the event http://www.hd-wjc.com/

Next stop Hawaii for the  last two prime events of the year. 
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Quiksilver Pro France 2013

07/10/2013 22:03:28
Big surprise...got a last minute wildcard and just arrived in time for my first heat against Jordy Smith and Matt Wilkinson.
I lost in Round 3 against Mick Fanning. Again thanks to Quiksilver for this great opportunity to compete against the very best of the world....
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Indo clip

07/10/2013 21:50:19
Check my clip from my last trip to Java and Bali....needed a little break and I was blessed with beautiful waves

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09/08/2013 07:51:00
Back from my first Us Open. Great experience! Results are not too bad for me as I made the final in the Projunior and a 17th place in the main event. But for sure I could have done better!
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Stoked with my 5th place at the Mr Price Pro Ballito in South Africa!!
My first time ever in South Africa. All went well for me. Good vibes with brother  Marc Lacomare 
and coach Yann Martin.  Almost made it to the semis..
Because of a little ankle injury (reception floater) I had to withdraw of the wqs6* in San Salvador. It doesn't seem
to be  serious but still some exams to be done. Next week off to Huntington Beach for the US Open. I will
compete in both the projunior and the prime event. Can't wait to be there..just hope the swell to be with us!

Here the link of the Mr Price Pro for videos, photo's and results:  http://www.mrpricepro.com/

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Saquarema Prime

29/05/2013 19:00:00
I've been in Brazil the past 2 weeks for the Quiksilver Saquarema Prime. Good vibe with my Quiksilver teammates, Jojo, Yannick Beven and Yann Martin! We were lucky to have good waves for the contest. I had a great first round with the best wave and heatscore of the day. But got third in my heat in round 2....... I was quite upset about it cause I felt I could have done well in this contest. Friend and teammate Marc Lacomare  made it all to the final and finished second. So stoked for him!
Now back in France for 2 weeks. I will spend some time in the Quiksilver's Boardriders House in Cap Breton and then off to Mexico for a 6* WQS event.
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28/04/2013 16:08:33
Back in France from Tahiti since couple of days.
I spent 3 weeks in this beautiful island. My first time ever but bad luck I ruptured my eardrum
surfing Teahupoo...... I had to cancel my participation at the projuniors of Rangiroa and Tahiti and
I had to wait before being able to take a flight back to France.
My ear is getting better now and I'll be back in the water soon before flying to Brasil for the Prime 
event in Itauna,Saquarema.
Can't wait to go back to Tahiti!!. Thanks again to Taivini and the other locals for making me feel so home.
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09/03/2013 20:00:00
I've been in the south of Morocco for a couple of weeks. No internet, no phone...just incredible!
Great conditions, an experience that I'll never forget! Thanks to all the boys who made this happen!
Now back in France for some days before heading to Margaret River on Monday for my first comp of the season.

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05/02/2013 10:42:50
Happy to surf again after my shoulder injury that took me out of the water for about 2 months!! I decided to go to Lanzarote's  pipeline with Marc Lacomare. Not at my 100% yet but I feel good on my boards again! We had a great time and fun waves. Lanzarote is so close and the waves and weather are just amazing!! I can recommend you to go there!  Here some insta's of our trip
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Mentawai Islands

13/01/2013 15:29:22
Some footage of our last trip to Mentawai Islands with Alain Riou and Dimitri. Thanks @AlainRiou!

click on this link: https://vimeo.com/57058135

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Name: Ramzi Boukhiam
Date of Birth: Sept 14, 1993
Born: Alphen a/d Rijn, Holland
Nationality: Moroccan / Dutch
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Moskova.
Started surfing at the age of 9 in Morocco.
Moved to France in 2007.





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